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Georgie is a Humanistic Integrative Counsellor trained in Person Centred, Transactional Analysis and Gestalt approaches, and she is a Registered Member of the BACP. Georgie currently works part-time in primary care at a GP surgery in Somerset supporting registered patients with common mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, and supporting their emotional well-being following life events that involve change, loss or grief. Georgie has recently moved back to Dorset to settle and is setting up in private practice this month. Georgie will now be offering sessions from Acuherbs on Friday.


Georgie has an avid interest in the natural world, complementary therapies and spiritual development. She is currently studying psycho-spiritual counselling (level 5) to bring this approach into her current practice which takes the soul (rather than the mind) as its starting point, to help us understand why we do what we do. It looks at ways to bring mindfulness, energies and nature back into our daily lives. Georgie is an Equine Facilitated Practitioner which also encompasses being in nature, being in the 'here-and-now' and acknowledging your real feelings/emotions which are often held in the body. Horses, and all animals, are good at sensing energies and will reflect what they feel presented, even that which what you attempt to hide. Animals see your real self and this is the self Georgie encourages to come into the counselling room. Georgie brings an element of equine wisdom into the counselling room with body awareness and sensing energies. If you want to know more about equine and eco-therapy please visit  Equine EARTH.co.uk where Georgie provides Equine Facilitated Counselling and Well-being Retreats in the Cotwolds.


Prior to counselling, Georgie has worked in various jobs and lived in different countries/counties; an Army child, Special Constable, Army soldier, Police Control Room Operator, Secondary Science Teacher, Programme Leader/Lecturer and self employed as Natural Therapist for Animals and People. She has personal experience of the emotional impact that alcoholism, drugs misuse, murder, missing family members, psychosis/sectioning, social services intervention/children in care and PTSD creates for those in a supporting/caring role. Georgie became a finalist in 2015 for Venus Business Awards (Dorset) for Influential Woman of the Year for her fostering role; that year supporting her niece through sudden paralysis to recovery, only to deal with an abrupt 'end of this placement' a year later. She has been homeless a couple of times but because of a good support network has always had a roof, unlike her sister who did live on the streets for some time. She has dealt with the discrimination that comes from being a 'single parent' on 'low income', and experienced our illogical system that keeps people from breaking out and achieving more in life. She has a natural empathy for those who no fault of their own didn't get a 'good enough' start in life and understands the subsequent impact and life restrictions,promoting low confidence and self esteem. Georgie places importance on taking responsibility for ownmental health (as you would your physical health), self care (which is not being selfish) and creating a good support network of friends which has to start with you loving your real self as this is the longestrelationship you will have in your life.


If you would like to book a counselling appointment with Georgie please contact her at

AcuHerbs 01305 759405 or

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