The Importance of a Holiday!

We all work hard and we all have busy lives, our modern lifestyle is 24/7.  Whether we are running children around, earning money, cooking and cleaning, exercising, answering Emails or Facetiming our friends.  It creates a 'toxic' environment for our bodies.  Anxiety, depression and stress are commonly encountered and it's hardly surprising that sometimes we feel we cannot cope with our everyday life.

Having a break or a holiday allows us sometime to nurture ourselves and reflect on where we are at.  Congratulate yourself on your achievements and how much you have accomplished.  Many people have low self esteem and tend to focus on past negative events and give themselves unrealistic goals that are set to fail.  Make your targets reasonable and stop giving yourself a hard time.

Having R&R allows us to catch up on sleep and with our loved ones, connecting with family and friends, enjoying nourishing food and simply enjoy being.

So AcuHerbs is closing its doors, just for 2 weeks, for a well earned break in Greece (with lots of cash strapped to us!). We will be open for business again on August 10th 2015.


An MOQi, or alternative health check up

Louise Stevens, Weymouth AcupunctureWhat are we without our health?
Our health IS what we are and we should take the time and inclination to protect this.
If we were able to look into the future would you make small changes now to ensure a healthier life?
Chinese medicine always seeks to look for the cause of the problem and this allows us to potentially 'see' where our health could be enhanced to avoid future issues.
An MOQi, or alternative health check up, could provide you with some useful tools to improve and maintain your health and well being, keeping you 'fit for life'!
A recent patients experience of an MOQi

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Painful Obstruction Syndrome

Painful obstruction syndrome is acute or chronic pain and stiffness in the musculoskeletal system.  There may also be swelling, numbness, parasthesia and decreased range of motion.  The symptoms primarily affect joints and their related soft tissues.

The main features of any painful condition is the disruption to the normal distribution of qi and blood.  This disruption may be due to a number of different factors, including physical blockage from scarring, trauma, obstruction by pathogens (Heat and Cold), sluggish flow of qi and blood, increased blood viscosity and a general lack of circulatory momentum.

Chinese medicine, as always, seeks to identify the root cause of any condition and by inserting needles we can aid circulatory function and regulate the blood and qi.  When a needle is inserted, it releases endorphins, which are our bodies natural painkiller cells.  Recently, detailed MRI scans of specific acupuncture points reveal brain deactivation of the limbic area of the brain, which is the area associated with pain!

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