Thyroid Disorders & Chinese Medicine

The main function of the thyroid gland is maintenance of basal metabolic rate.  Thyroid dysfunction is one of the most common endocrine imbalances seen in clinic, with hypothyroidism and its many complications such as infertility, weight problems, depression and chronic tiredness the most frequent.  

The two main clinical syndromes of the thyroid are over activity and under activity.  Like with many chronic conditions Western medicine only seeks to control the symptoms and not address the underlying problems.  Overall Chinese medicine treatment aims to correct the constitutional imbalances that led to the disorder in the first place.

The main causes of hyperthyroidism is Graves disease, and accounts for 75% of cases.  Autoimmune in nature, with a genetic and familial link. There are several factors that consistently emerge in the genesis of hyperthyroid disorders but the overwhelming pathogen is Heat and this need to be cleared as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the body.

Hashimoto's thyroiditis is the most common cause of hypothyroidism.  It is due to the loss of thyroid tissue from autoimmune destruction.  Treatment of an underactive thyroid is based on supplementing and warming yang qi.  If there is  no functional thyroid tissue, the patient  must always take thyroxine, but we can improve their general constitutional wellbeing and overall health.  When patients are taking thyroxine but there is still functional thyroid tissue, (as may be seen in cases of recent onset and in subclinical hypothyroidism), Chinese medical treatment can restore thyroid function sufficiently so the dose requirements of any exogenous thyroxine may change.

Acupuncture Offers Allergy Relief


Help is at hand for allergy sufferers, acupuncture and herbs can help to regulate the immune system and control symptoms.

Chinese Medicine techniques strengthen and balance your immune system so, over time, the use of acupuncture, herbal medicine and cupping can greatly reduce allergic reactions. Today, I’m going to focus on acupuncture. There are acupuncture points around the sinuses and elsewhere on the body that may provide almost immediate relief as well as offering cumulative benefits. Acupuncture opens the sinuses, relieves congestion, helps reduce inflammation and resolves many digestive complaints such as bloating, pain and gas. Some common acupoints used to treat allergies include Yinxiang/Large Intestine 20 which is located close to the nostrils, Hegu/Large Intestine 4 (pictured above), a well known point, is found on the hand between the thumb and index finger and Zusanli/Stomach 36 is just below the knee on the lateral side of the shin bone. 

Crohn’s Disease

Crohn's Disease


Acupuncture can help control and alleviate symptoms of Crohns and provide a better quality of life. Herbal medicine can also be very useful to regulate and calm the immune system which is usually involved in this condition.

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