Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine - what it means to me!

How Time Flies!

It's been just over 20 years since I first started my studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) by embarking on an acupuncture degree course in London. I ‘found’ acupuncture, like many practitioners do, with a disillusionment of western medicine for my own personal health problems. My uncle is also an acupuncturist in USA and I was keen to know his thoughts for a future in this field. He recommended studying both acupuncture and herbal medicine so one is able to treat internal disorders as well.

I had no idea of the depth and history of Chinese Medicine, the thousands of years of observation and study that is well documented. It was like opening my eyes to another way of thinking about life, the universe and its impact on the body. Chinese medicine is not just a job, it’s a way of life!

I’ve had 2 study trips to China and seen Chinese Medicine perform in a fully integrated healthcare system – TCM hospitals that have departments of acupuncture, massage and western medicine. They are able to utilise all the diagnostic capabilities of modern medicine including pharmaceutical drugs when appropriate.

It's extremely frustrating being on the periphery of a healthcare system where both systems have so much to offer. Modern medicine often has its sights on treating and managing symptoms not addressing the underlying cause of a problem which is essential especially when managing chronic conditions. TCM always seeks to find the root of a health issue – intent on healing from the inside out!

I'm thrilled to have a ‘high street’ presence in Weymouth and offer Chinese medicine to the public. I'm saddened that at this moment in time it is not available on the NHS – my dream is that one day we have a fully integrated healthcare system where the best of both medicines are used to enhance patients’ welfare.


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